2015 Prices

Outdoor single bunny. £7.00 per day.
Outdoor bonded pair of rabbits. £10.00 per day.

Single house rabbit accommodation. £8.00 per day.
Bonded pair of house rabbits. £10.00 per day.

Single guinea pig. £5.00 per day.
Pair of piggies. £7.00 per day.

Hamsters. £3.00 per day.
(Please bring your own accommodation and dry food mix.)

The prices for the bunnies and guineas includes all their fresh food, dry food, copious amounts of luscious hay, treats and of course cuddles.
For any other prices regarding groups and special needs animals, please contact Diane.

Payment is by cash or cheque to be made payable to Hoppy Holidays.
A 10% booking fee is required