This is the original Hoppy Holidays and was established in 2002.

Aswell as doing boarding for rabbits and guinea pigs, Diane also offers a pet sitting, house sitting and dog walking service. Visits to small holdings to care for chickens and ducks etc are also a service offered.

Animal care is her passion. Diane understands how important their care and welfare is to you the owner. She provides a very personal and flexible service aimed to help you and of course....the wonderful animals.

If she is available and able to do the job......she will!

Diane has a wealth of experience in caring for rabbits and guinea pigs and is very quick in getting to know their little personalities.

Dust extracted packaged hay is always used, and fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit are available daily. There is also always plenty of other types of hay available......just in case there are some fussy hay eaters!

When she is not caring for animals, she can be found fundraising for the RSPCA or Windwhistle Warren, helping out at a rabbit and guinea pig rescue or busy helping other owners with queries and problems.

A member of the Rabbit Welfare Association since 2002 and also the year in which Hoppy Holidays was established. Diane is also an active member of a couple of UK based rabbit forums, Rabbits United and Pledge a Pound.

All Hoppy Holiday's hutches are bespoke made. They are very solid and secure and I guarantee you will not find anything as robust as these in any pet shop.

Sadly due to family problems, Diane's husband is no longer in a position to make the hutches, however Diane has managed to source another excellent hutch maker. Yet again, you say what you want and it no doubt can be made.

Diane almost reached the decision to have to close Hoppy Holidays in early-mid 2014, however she has decided to continue and hopes that her current clients and new ones will enable Diane to keep going for the foreseeable future. Diane's heart and soul goes into caring for other people's furry families and would hate to have to let anyone down. So if you already use the services available at Hoppy Holidays or are considering using them......please enquire.


All accommodation has been handmade and is all very spacious, safe and very secure. Separate cleaning utensils are used for each resident.

Some accommodation are hutches which are 7' x2' x 2' and are fitted with ramps to make into one huge two tier hutch. Wonderful new hutch/ run accommodations now available, as well as new guinea pigs hutches. Everything is well above the minimum size requirement for the little ones.

Hoppy Holidays trys to offer a home from home service for those furry friends who live indoors. This can include watching the tv,listening to the radio, cuddle time with Diane and generally being able to have a similar experience to that of being in their own home. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, there just isn't as much indoor accommodation available as previous years and so booking early on is advised.

Diane loves all the little ones that she cares for very dearly and puts her heart and soul into caring for each and every one of them.


Toys and tunnels are provided to offer stimulation and encourage exercise. Always plenty going around around to keep residents occupied. Wild birds, Diane in the garden, a solar powered radio, and of course Diane's own furry family nearby.

No dogs, cats or children live here.

Health & Hygiene:

All rabbits must be fully vaccinated at least three weeks prior to their stay. Vaccination certificates need to be brought along.

There is no access to grass so there is less risk of cross contamination. Wood shavings and sawdust are not used either as both of which can cause respiratory problems.

All accommodation is cleaned out daily and fully disinfected between guests.

Rabbits and guinea pigs with special needs and or disabilities are happily catered for. Diane has many years experience in this area. Medication can be administered.

If your pet should become ill during its stay, Diane will seek veterinary attention immediately. Any fees incurred will be included in the final cost and payable to Hoppy Holidays.

Other Services:

Grooming and claw clipping service is available for boarders. This service is also offered for multi rabbit and guinea pig households where Diane will make home visits. Prices upon request.

If you pet has had a stay at the vets, is back home, but needs medication during the day and you are out at work......Diane is more than happy to do house calls and administer any medication that maybe required in your absence.

As Hoppy Holidays only do boarding on a very small scale, there is much more attention given to the residents. Cuddles and kisses are at no extra cost!

Diane also does dog walking, pet sitting and small holding care in the local area.

When bringing your furry friend(s) to stay, any spare newspapers would be appreciated if could be brought along too. Great for lining the litter trays!!

REIKI HEALING FOR SMALL ANIMALS and humans too. Prices upon request.